November 30, 2009

Mysterious Rolls of Film: Developed!

Do you remember my late mother-in-law's Mysterious Rolls of Film? They are back from the developer!

Roll 1: Only 6 photos on the roll could be developed. They were of flowers and flowering trees in her yard/neighborhood.

Roll 2: Couldn't be developed.

Roll 3: (a) My sister-in-law's college graduation, which was in 2000. (b) A visit to us, also in 2000: Rob was about 18 months old, and I was just about to find out I was pregnant with William. Some of the photos were damaged with red and yellow streaks.

So! You know what is difficult? Choosing a winner for the box of gift-closet clutter, from a bunch of answers that were partly right, partly wrong. That is perhaps something I should have taken into account before setting the rules of the contest.

In my opinion, there were eight people who got closer than anyone else, with some mental point-subtracting for incorrect guesses among the correct ones and some mental point-adding for particularly detailed correctness.

1. AlienBea: "Three different film speeds (right?) suggests three different cameras, so these could be years apart. I'll bet at least one is a holiday gathering with family, maybe one will have baby pictures of one of your children, and maybe one roll will be of the time she went on a yen to take artistic nature photos."

2. Jess: "I think that they are hiding a hidden part of your mother in law that will be revealed and you will be shocked and astounded.

one roll of artsy farty stuff (tree? bridge? flower?)
one roll of a vacation (black socks and short shorts on the males involved)
one roll of a randon high school graduation (who is that kid that keeps popping up in these pictures?)"

3. Emily: "I'm guessing one holiday gathering, one vacation, and one of your kids."

4. Fran: "I am going to go with
1. vacation with husband #2
2. pictures of her house and yard
3. the oldest roll will be unable to develop"

5. Kylene:
"1. Random landscape photos.
2. Visits with her grandchildren
3. Some event she went to, like a lecture or a concert or somesuch."

6. Lawyerish: "I am thinking the majority of the photos will comprise (1) garden/flower shots; (2) her craft/knitting projects; (3) a family gathering (probably the 70th anniversary)."

7. Mama Bub: "I'm going to guess a graduation, along with random shots of the house, newly planted gardening, pets and grandchildren."

8. SaLy: "I think one roll will be double exposed. One will be photos of her garden/yard. One will be photos of you and your family."

So then I took eight little scraplets of paper, wrote the numbers 1 through 8 on them, tossed them up into the air and tried to catch one. I caught the number 6, so that's Lawyerish! I'll be emailing you, Lawyerish, to get your mailing info!


Lawyerish said...

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I am super excited.

Also, those photos all look like Kodakchrome circa 1976. Weird.

kakaty said...

Heh - so "Only 6 photos on the roll could be developed" & "Roll 2: Couldn't be developed" are code for holy crap, my MIL was kinky and there's no way I'm sharing this with the internet! amiright? :)

Michelle said...

You've just inspired me to develop the 5 cameras we came across months ago when cleaning. It's such a gamble... will there be photos of old boyfriends, vacation shots, rogue wedding table cameras. Only time will tell!

Celeste said...

That top photo of the lilacs is pretty cool. Sort of a nice way to remember her. I'd definitely frame it.

Jess said...

This is awesome. I got all excited when I saw my name even though I was wondering why, since I didn't guess any of those things. Then I realized it was a different Jess. But that's fine, because she didn't win anyway.

Shelly said...

Cool! Congrats to Lawyerish!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

That's pretty neat. I'd love to find random film to develop; the anticipation about figuring out what it could be is so much FUN.

TheGoriWife said...

In the comments on the contest post, I forecasted difficulty in choosing a winner. Particularly detailed correctness! No consolation prize for that?

Fran said...

I am super psyched that I kinda sorta guessed two of the rolls right!! Congrats to Lawyerish and we all want to know what you get in your goodie box. I also think the first picture is frameworthy.

Jen said...

This doesn't have anything to do with the film, although, how exciting to know what's there now!

I just wanted to say that I got a set of Swistle measuring spoons at Ross last week and used them to cook Thanksgiving dinner...including the Swistle Chocolate Crusted Pumpkin Cheesecake. In my house, you're a brand!

Swistle said...

Jen- WOOOOoooooo! I think I will start to refer to myself as "Swistle(tm)."

Mama Bub said...

Having completely forgotten what I guessed, I was surprised to see myself on the list. Yay for being nominated! Congrats to Lawyerish!

the new girl said...

Wow. I'm so impressed at the specific guesses and how right some of them were.

Holy cow.