July 16, 2008


One kid thing:
Me: Hey, you've got an owie!
Elizabeth: Well THAT much is clear!

And ONE husband thing, which is that Paul was singing, "There was a farmer had a dog and Bongo was his name-o..." and then he was "playing the bongos" on Elizabeth's tummy, instead of doing the clapping sounds.

Oh, wait---one more husband thing:
Paul: What is that?
Me: Tea. With milk and honey.
Paul: And land?

Okay, and now I will show something that we can ALL enjoy: PET HUMOR!

We have cats who have come THIS CLOSE to getting flung right through a second-floor window for doing basically that same routine ("basically" = "no baseball bat") on me when I've been up most of the night with children.


Day Two of the fast went fine. I was feeling hungrier, but perhaps it isn't necessary for me to specifically say so. I had milky tea for breakfast and for lunch, a diet soda in the afternoon, and I had a cup of juice in the late afternoon when I was feeling tired and weird. After I ate dinner, I felt almost HIGH from eating. I actually said "Wooo!" I may have said it twice.

Here are the other participants, if you want to go see how they're doing:

Chraycee of Walking on Sunshine
Julie of Miss Glass is Half Full
Stephanie of Seriously!?
MaryB of A Yankee's Guide to Texas
Sarah of Redefining Perfect

and of course ERICA HERSELF, who is, I think, the only one of us doing this full-on rather than modified. Even with my major modifications (caffeine? sure! a chewable dinner? sure!) this is not exactly pleasurable, so I have been feeling EVEN SORRIER for Erica than I was before.


Pay it Forward updates:

Mimi All Me received her PiF package from No Whey Mama. She's posted a photo of the loot and also her new contest.

Bebellyboo is showing the giftie she got from Smiling Mama.


Erica said...

My cat does that same damn routine. Except substitute "biting my nose HARD" for "baseball bat."

Karly said...

I love sassy little girls! So funny!

And I totally don't get the "and land" response from Paul. Maybe it's too early in the morning and I should go back to bed?

Jess said...

I would have pitched MYSELF out a second-story window if I had gone on this fast with you people. Seriously, you are on your way to sainthood. All of you.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I love that Paul was playing the bongos on Elizabeth's stomach- hee!

That video was HYSTERICAL. God, it's so damn true. And so damn annoying. Today was our day off from working out, but instead of letting us sleep in (AFTER SHE HAD BEEN FED), Sunny kept batting around various items on the nightstand and when THAT didn't work, sauntered over to my dresser and started grabbing the drawer pulls to let them clank back into place OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Nowheymama said...

And I got Mimi's package to arrive on her birthday, which I did not even know about! I rock. :)

Jill said...

Two nights in a row with the cat waking me up now. Seriously, cat! You have a full food dish and I can give you scratches later. Sheesh.

Misty said...

Loved the video, but more so loved the visual of you saying "Wooo!" (maybe even twice) while eating dinner. That is too cute to me.

And also strangely depressing that Erica does not get to "woo".


fairydogmother said...

"Well THAT much is clear!". Three kills me with the way grown-up statements fly out of their mouths when it is the last thing you would expect to hear.

Swistle said...

Karly- It's a "land of milk and honey" reference. I had the milk and the honey.

EMama said...

If it weren't for this darned pregnancy I might jump on board with y'all. Might.

goingloopy said...

If you colored that video cat black, it would be my cat. Well, maybe no baseball bat, but probably only because I don't own one.

Generally speaking, her dish is not empty, either - I have 4 cats, and their dish could be called a "trough" with a large hopper of food attached - however, sometimes, I need to STIR the food. At 5:30 am.

The other cats are all lazy, so they just wait for the little annoying one to whine about things.

the planet of janet said...

oh. well. cats. they are like that, ya know.

and elizabeth? is obviously brilliant!

Erin said...

You all are doing SO WELL with that fast. I am impressed.

Elizabeth is FUNNY.

Kelsey said...

Elizabeth cracks me up, that sounds like something that might come out of Harper's mouth.

Michelle said...

Hey, it could be worse with the cats. One of ours will reach under my husband's boxers to ummm catch the mouse, if you know what I mean. I'm cracking up just thinking about it now. He doesn't think it's so funny though. That's one of the many reasons the cats spend the night in the basement....

And I should have my PIF prize by Friday! I'm so excited!

anna said...

Um, I just really, really enjoyed that cat video. So funny.

Lippy said...

Instead of the baseball bat, one of our cats, puts her dirty butt an inch from your face. Why??!!! She spends 45 minutes a night licking you would think she would get the danglers by accident at least!

Laura said...

Our new kitten does that, only without as much tact, just about every morning.

skiplovey said...

Elizabeth = chip off the old block.

Melissa said...

OMG - that is my cat too! Only he does it not because he needs food or water.

Its because he wants to drink RUNNING water from the bathtub faucet. Wee bit spoiled eh?

Linda said...

I just twittered this, but we've watched all 3 Simon's cat videos and now my kids are sticking their fingers in their mouths and meowing to show me that they're hungry.

d e v a n said...

OMg, our cat used to do that. Used to because he lives outside now. heh