July 19, 2008

Sulkily Entering Contests

I have a heart owie that there is no real Blogstle. I even spent a little time last night lying in bed trying to think of a way it would actually work. I came up with two ideas, both of which involve me being (1) a different/richer/assertive-er person, with (2) fewer children.

But it COULD happen, couldn't it? Not the different/fewer thing, but Blogstle! I mean, THEORETICALLY? THEORETICALLY we could have blind pool boys and coolers of ice cream pints? There are no LAWS preventing us, at least. And no shortage of blind pool boys, obviously.

Well. At least we can enter contests:

Move Along - There's Nothing to See Here is showing her giftie and posting a new, multi-winner PiF contest.

Honestly and Truly! is showing her giftie and posting new a PiF contest.

Righters' Writings is showing her giftie and posting a new PiF contest.

Teacher Mom has a new contest up.

The Creamery is showing her giftie and posting a new PiF contest

My Very Last Nerve has a new contest up.


Caitlin said...

hooray for blind pool boys!

Whimsy said...

My heart owie is joining your heart owie. I would so totally go to Blogstle.

donna said...

I want to a Blogstle too. I'd totally come if you put one on.

I am going to do a PIF contest after we get back from vacation. I figured I could draw out the PIF excitement to the end of the summer. I'll keep you posted when I put one up.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Thanks for all the contest links! Maybe if I win something, it'll help ease the pain of having no Blogstle.

Clarabella said...

Maybe someone could gift a blind pool boy in a PIF contest!

I glad you put this up because I have indefinitely extended my PIF contest in order to get more contestants.
Please come enter mine too after you click on all those links above!
www.cr00kedletter.livejournal.com (or you can just click on my name!)

houndrat said...

Blogstle, Blogstle, Blogstle!

And I am all over blind pool boys. Okay, I so didn't mean that in the creepy, perverted way it came out.

And I'm off to enter more contests!

And by the way, if you're an 80's music nut, stop by my blog and make sure I didn't leave off any crucial songs for my 20-year (yikes!) high school reunion!

Maggie said...

I think that Blogstle sounds like fun -- WHEN it happens I will totally be there!

And I received my pay it forward prize this week too -- my picture of my fantastic prize is here

Kelsey said...

I think there will be a Blogstle someday. If you build it, we will come.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Swistle! I can't wait to figure out what rocking prize I'm putting together this time!

And I just came from reading an update on BlogHer by a woman there. And I am thoroughly depressed now. Are we sure we can't pull off Blogstle?