July 5, 2008

Ingredients for Buzz Kill

1) Book about a mother who lost three babies in infancy AND has to submissively allow another daughter to be sold to a silk factory.

2) An hour with the Registered Sex Offender list. There are two RSOs in our neighborhood. Both were convicted for crimes involving children under age 13.

3) Ending of miniseries, carefully recorded, cuts out. Nothing seems to be wrong with the DVD. Nevertheless, the last 2 minutes are unviewable.

4) Mosquito bites.

5) Reeky house.

6) We really should be saving for retirement.

7) Target seems to have a new policy about filling their aisles with pallets.

8) Fun pay-it-forward contests are over.


MzEll said...

Those books are awful. I always stumble on something like that at Half Price Books and my husband kindly reminds me that I really can't handle anything like that... Also, anytime I go to the grocery store during the day there are more people shelving and organizing the store than there are checkers! Not good when I'm already pushing 60 lbs of child in my basket.

Kelsey said...

BUT the Pay It Forward Ripples are already starting. A blog friend of mine started her own after just reading about them on my blog. She didn't even wait to win a contest!

Jennifer said...

Oh, man. I wish I had a funny story about a kitten to tell you, that's a pretty sad list!

If it makes you feel any better, I just did a search for perverts in my area and there are so many in my zip code that my computer crashed while straining to load the page. Come on down to Atlanta, y'all, it's totally safe!

Michelle said...

You must be suffering from a post-holiday letdown, right? Fortunately there are other bummers and buzzkills that you left off the list, so I'm not ready to cry into my coffee yet!

Angie said...

Ok, a list of buzzkills after the divorce post? You need some brownies already.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

The first 7 of those things DO SUCK. But the pay-it-forward contests are SO NOT over! I won FOUR, baby! I'd never won a random selection thing in MY LIFE before. So now I'm going to have a contest soon (this week, next week? - probably next week, as I still have to do the stuff for the first one) with FOUR, count 'em, FOUR winners!

AndreAnna said...

I'm with Angie - get thee to a brownie post haste!

I'd also like to add "being ginormously pregnant in July" to that list.

canape said...

I think that is a nationwide Target policy. The pallets AND the groups of employees that stand in a circle getting motivated right in the front of the store if you go too early in the morning.

Why don't they motivate themselves out of the middle of the aisle?

Anonymous said...

I got buzzkill for you: my stepkids' mom...dated a sex offender. One who was busted for stuff with a girl under 13. My stepdaughter is under 13. So, you know, she broke up with him as soon as she found out, but she was a little torn about it. How fcked up is that?