July 24, 2008

Chief Science Adviser

When I finally get around to appointing my Cabinet, I'm making Akimbo my Chief Science Adviser. She is a real scientist, and she talked me down out of a full-fledged virus fret at ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. I need someone like that on my full-time staff. I'm sorry, Akimbo, but I'm going to need you to work nights.

Of course then my worry mutated, like the virus I worried would mutate. But still! That was some impressive scientific service! And would you guys please click through and give her a hard time for only having ONE single post on her whole blog? We obviously need her to tell us MORE SCIENCE. Even after I started worrying about mutated viruses, I thought to myself, "Akimbo would have thought of that, because she is a scientist. And SHE says SHE is not worried." And I went to sleep.

Still looking for a Chief Spelling Adviser: it took me several minutes to figure out that it wasn't "advisor" (or "cheif").

Pay-it-forward updates:

Semi-Desperate Housewife is showing the giftie she got, and posting a new contest.


Akimbo said...


Swistle just linked to my sad, sorry little attempt at a blog. Nobody go look, because it is sad! It is beyond sad! It is now embarrassing too!

ALSO, by the way, I was going to post again and say that, yes, if you wanted you could worry about the mutation thing.

Although don't worry ALOT about it, because the odds are small. Really small. In fact, if you DO decide to worry about it, go get a lottery ticket, too.

shoeaddict said...

I will be in your cabinet but not as a Chief Spelling Adviser because I am a terrible speller. I will be your stylist (not that you need one) or personal shopper or better yet, your phone person. I like the phone!

jonniker said...

Rest easy: advisor isn't totally wrong these days. As long as you're consistent in the same document, no one's going to stab you in the eye. Advisor was a really old term that's no longer in use (derived from something I can't even remember), and most places list it as an alternate spelling for adviser.

Kristin.... said...

I'll be your Chief Spelling Advisor. My friends called me "Grammar Girl" in college (I was an English major). :)

Missing you on Twitter.

Snoopyfan said...

Ooh pick me, pick me for Spelling Adviser!! I was runner up in my school's 6th grade spelling bee. I spelled kaleidoscope wrong (and have NEVER spelled it wrong since, I might add!).

How about that for credentials? Huh? Huh?

Nowheymama said...

I want to play! I'll be your Label-Reading Allergen Finder! If you want....

Megan said...

Hold the freaking phone. It's not "advisor?"

And I was an English teacher. Start saving for private school people.

Michelle said...

I'd volunteer for the spelling advisor role (I like it better with the o than the e... more officialness to it). However, I think there are a few others who beat me to the punch!

Julie said...

I have a nurse friend that I call at all hours of the day and night if I have a medical question. I think I checked in with her every hour for two days straight when Emily got that spider bite.

Maybe you could have a spelling advisor council so when issues like advisor? or adviser? come up, there's a group effort.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Oooh, I wanted to offer to be your spelling advisor (both advisor and adviser are currently still valid; the US and UK have just been using advis-E-r more often in recent years... according to a Google search of the subject)!!!!

But others have already offered. I think Julie has it right -- a spelling council!

AND we can sip delicious tea and speak in very grammatical sentences, with the most proper of enunciation with every word that crosses are lips.

A Swistle Advisory Council... what fun!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

What the heck kind of advisor will I be when I make such a SIMPLE and CRAZY grammar error in my most perfect grammar sentence????



I clearly meant "O-U-R". D'oy!

I'm so out of the Council...

Melissa said...

LOL, Steph - thats the rules. If you are correcting someone's grammar or trying in the slightest to have perfect grammar, you are going to mess up royally.

The Internets never fail on this one. If you speak of grammar you shall fail. By the way, has everyone here seen the FAIL website? Super funny comments.

Kelsey said...

I'm glad there was someone there to advise you late at night!

Is it just me, or have things been quiet on the Internet these days? (Posting and commenting?)